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Good Agriculture Practices and Organic Farming

About Us

About us

Suolo e Salute arabian Founded in 2008, served numerous farms and Firms in Egypt and the Middle East.
Multi Disciplinary experienced inspectors in the field of Organic production, GAP, Food safety, Environmental safety, Occupational safety and Halal food.

Scope of inspection

Suolo e Salute arabian provides  inspection Service for Good Agriculture practices (Global GAP), Organic Production and Halal food.

Organic Production

قانون الزراعة العضوية الأوروبي
معايير الزراعة العضوية اليابانية
الزراعة العضوية الأمريكية
معايير الزراعة العضوية السويسرية

Good Agriculture Practices (GLOBAL G.A.P)

جلوبال جاب

Halal Food Inspection and Certification


Professional inspectors

Support anytime

Monitor all operation & reach your data anytime safely

Quick process

+20 years experience

Inspection and Certification process

Register for the inspection scope that you are interested in.

Inspection and certification process
Register for inspection program

Fill the application form and submit it to Suolo e Salute arabian, after review and approval, you will be scheduled for inspection visit.

An inspection visit will be made to your production site to verify compliance to desired inspection scope.

Food Safety Certification program
Certification process

After inspection visit, Inspection report, documents and conclusions made by the inspector and corrective actions made by the operator if needed are all submitted to Suolo e Salute S.r.l certification committee for certification decision

Finally, When every thing is ok, You will receive the certificate from our office.

Deliver Quality Certification

Track your Inspection and Certification Process

You can follow your Inspection and certification process using our website.

Our clients receives an ID number to follow their inspection and certification process.
Which can help:

  • Save time
  • Follow update.
Follow my inspection
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