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معايير الزراعة العضوية السويسرية

BioSuisse Organic Standard

As an inspection company, we are committed to promoting transparency, traceability, and sustainability in the food industry. One way we do this is by ensuring that farmers and food producers meet the BioSuisse Organic Standard, a comprehensive set of guidelines for organic agriculture and food production.

BioSuisse Standard requirements

Meeting the BioSuisse Organic Standard requires a deep understanding of the principles and practices of organic agriculture. As an inspection company, we have the expertise and experience needed to conduct rigorous inspections and audits of farms and food production facilities. This includes reviewing documentation, interviewing staff, and conducting on-site inspections to ensure that all aspects of the production process meet the required standards.

Our roles

We work closely with farmers and food producers to help them understand the Biosuisse Organic Standard and implement the necessary practices and procedures to achieve compliance. We also provide regular training and support to ensure that they maintain their certification over time.

Our role as an inspection company is to provide certification that demonstrates compliance with the Biosuisse Organic Standard. This certification is a key tool that farmers and food producers can use to market their products and differentiate themselves from competitors. It is also a critical factor in building trust with consumers, who are increasingly interested in the origins and production methods of the food they consume.

We take our responsibility to ensure compliance with the Biosuisse Organic Standard seriously and are committed to providing accurate, reliable, and transparent inspection services. By doing so, we help to promote sustainable agriculture and responsible food production practices in Switzerland and beyond.

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